May is map update month for many gps systems

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We did not know this and we wanted to make you aware that coming up is NAVTEQ’s Map Update Month for many gps systems and it is in May. This update has availability for most all GPS and in-car navigation systems that are powered by NAVTEQ. If you have not heard or do not know NAVTEQ they power most GPS & navigation systems. NAVTEQ is the company whose technology and maps drive most of the in-car navigation systems and the leading brands of GPS-enabled devices in the US, so if you have a GPS you are running one of their systems, check out The GPS has been the greatest tool for driving since the gas engine. The reliability of being able to trust the voice guidance to get you home is worth more than any price and once you use it you never driving is never the same again.Map Update Month is a great idea because roads do change and some of never update our GPS from the moment we turn it on. The biggest reason to update your GPS maps and what could be the most important is the fact that Map updates help make sure that the “shortest route” and “fastest route” functions of your navigation system work most efficiently. Updates can also save you time by showing the locations of the closest gas stations and restaurants. We use our GPS to help us get every where and program in family and friends we only see a couple of times a year so we can get there from anywhere, with just a few clicks. When we leave the house we have cell phone, iTouch, GPS and Laptop and would not leave home without any of them. In fact more than once we have turned around because one was left behind.

There are other benefits found in the NAVTEQ Navigation Benefits Study which include:

Help you save up to $200 a year just by using a navigation device

Help you save time (A traffic enabled GPS device can save you 4 days of driving time)
Reduce your CO2 emissions by 20% just by driving with a GPS device
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