Pay Raise for Congress avoided

Just when you think Congress is out of touch and feel themselves untouchable reality storms back in. We say this because the House will not take the automatic cost-of-living raise in 2011, depriving them of an estimated $1,600 increase and keeping their salaries at only a lowly $174,000 a year. It does not take a rocket scientist that taking a pay raise in an election year when the unemployment rate is closer to and has passed 10 percent. The house voted 402-15 to freeze their pay, and you have to wonder about the fifteen. Congress has a built in automatic cost-of-living pay increase unlike every private company in America which has been in effect since 1989. They even built in that the increases can only be stopped if members pass legislation to do so, would that be nice in for a private company workforce. It was only 1855 that Congressional pay was $8 a day which now stands a $476. The Senate did the same thing last week and it really does make sense. It is a rare time in politics when the congress actually gets it, this is due to election year but we will take anytime it can happen. We are going to pull down the list of the 15 member who a pay needed raise because $174,000 a year was not enough.

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