President Obama has only 999 days left in 1st term

We have been keeping track of every day of this administration since the cold January morning in 2009 when President Barrack Obama was sworn into office. Today is the first day we have woken up since that day and he has less than a thousand days left as he has only 999 days left in 1st term. We like to count everyday for some new hope and change as we were not fired about the last hope and change. Today is day 463 that the Country has been Held Hostage under Hope and Change. We watched as every poll said 60% of the people were against Obamacare and he jammed it through. We watch as 70% of the people polled say they agree with the Immigration reform in Arizona and the president does not agree. Why is he constantly on the side of the issues against what the majority of Americans believe? We had always thought a President was going to listen to the people and deliver on what they need. We have seen 1000 days of private agendas that are about looking good in the annals of history rather than staying focused on what the country really needs jobs. Today there is only 999 to go and the number is going down we are hopeful the one poll President Obama ignores in 2012 is the one that makes him a one term President, so we do not need to start the countdown again.

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