Arizona Immigration Law Walk in our shoes

It is amazing that a state can make a law and the President from the White House can considers a legal challenge, what is the basis. You cannot come up wit ha policy of your own because it is the federal government job to do nothing about that issue. The Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that she had deep concerns with the law. Not to be out done U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder said he was considering the possibility of a court challenge. We also heard from some political leaders that calling for an economic boycott to protest the law that makes it a crime to be in Arizona illegally. The newspapers and liberal elites from both coasts are weighing in. It is easy to sit in Boston, New York and Los Angeles on a high horse and say this is not right. When you are on the ground in Arizona a state over run by illegal immigration, it is an epidemic. There is an average of a kidnapping for ransom everyday in Arizona. The medical clinics in Tucson and further south have all gone bankrupt trying to give medical attention to illegal immigrants who hurt themselves crossing the boarder. It is unfair for anyone to claim this law is bad until they have lived a month in Arizona and see first hand what this is doing to their economy, crime rate, and overall living conditions in the state.

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