Conference at Brandeis right wing in Europe and US

The liberal elite are at it again and they never stop. We find that the Brandeis University in the blue blood streets of Massachusetts is holding a symposium. The topic is comparing the German neo-Nazi scene renewed attention since German unification in 1990 and the Right Wing Tea Party movement in the US. Are they for real, this 53,000 a year school shows where there heart is, as well as the mindset? .They will focus on the xenophobic attacks on predominantly dark-skinned foreigners and desecrations of Jewish cemeteries that have made headlines. In Liberal elite newspapers, you know the one who say there is so much violence at Tea Party rallies. But when illegal immigrants and democrats marched in Phoenix over the weekend there was more vandalism and violence then all the Tea Party rallies put together. This great event in college snobbery will be from 2:30-5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 28, the Center for German and European Studies will host a conference of European and American scholars who have studied these movements. The event will take place in International Lounge, Usdan Student Center. The Panelists will address questions about the most recent developments in the organizations’ demographics, their ideological framework, and the role of different free speech laws in shaping the groups’ media and online presence and activities, both in the U.S. and in Europe. It is amazing the kind of higher learning, higher thinking a college can provide for 53,000 a year. Is it no wonder they say those who can do and those who cannot teach.

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