Is New England going to go Red

New England Republicans, only a few years ago were considered an endangered species. There have been multiple losses of elections. In Massachusetts, they have had two democratic senators for 30 years before Scott Brown, and the 10 House reps are all democrat. On a local level, the Mass legislature only has five republican members. There is hope that voter discontent, economy, jobs and President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, the GOP has a chance to regain some seat over the six-state region. The Democrats have a hold on New England in NH the GOP is favored to win back the two House seats the party lost in the 2006 Democratic tide. In RI Republican John Loughlin’s has a strong chance for retiring Patches Kennedy seat. MA retiring Democratic William Delahunt seat could be had by former state treasurer Joe Malone or Jeffrey Perry. Something needs to be done as the region has a solid block of 22 Democrats representing the six states in the House. We have seen polling in the area reflect slumping job performance ratings for Obama and Democrats. Republicans have stayed largely unified in their opposition to Obama’s agenda; this might be enough with a strong voter turnout to balance the regions politics.

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