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We just bought our first new bed in 10 years. We decided to get a Queen as we had a full this means we need new everything sheets; bedspreads, and we have decided to go with hypoallergenic mattress pads. This is turning into quite an expensive shift involving more than just adjusting the room to the newer size bed. One place not to skimp is on the mattress pad as a Hypoallergenic will add a layer of soft cushion fiber to not only make your mattress have a pillow top feel, but offer protection. Things that you cannot see that are dangerous to you while you sleep include dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria. This cover can protect you and provide a barrier allergens cannot penetrate. This does add to the expense but in the end it worth it and since we already were spending the money the chain store sold a knock off for around $25 that was just a pad, so for another $30 we could have the piece of mind needed to have a good nights sleep. Allergy Asthma Technology LLC has in stock mattress pads that fit up to 18 inches deep and come with a four-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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