UK general election – Vote-u-lator

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How cool is this check out this great election tool. The UK general election fast approaching, how about taking advantage of social media in order to see the whole picture. This is a great way to check it out. If you are still undecided or want to see how your vote is going to stack up just check it out. Maybe you are just unsure how to vote in the General Election on May sixth. This is a great use of web technology and social networking called the Vote-u-lator is your answer. It is a simple way to have quick analyses of the data, using the themes and words you have used in your social network. The best part is this then takes all that information uses a sophisticated system to calculate algorithms to postulate your latest voting disposition. Just when think it cannot get any cooler when you have your results you can post them to FaceBook or Twitter. The interface is easy to use you have to check it out. The interface is easy to use and it looks like you giving information to a piece of equipment built in the 1970’s. The Vot2.010 is for entertainment purposes only and will accept no liability for inaccuracies on this beta model. This is going to be big for years to come to decide what candidate you should vote for based on the way you post. How many times have you known someone who express labour party viewpoints but always vote for conservative party members. This could be a way to see who you really should support.

Visit my sponsor: UK Election Vote-u-lator

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