Solicitor General Elena Kagan Questions

If you needed anymore proof that President Obama is doing on the job training and in so over his head here is another reminder. The choice of having Solicitor General Elena Kagan joins the U.S. Supreme Court. She will be the first person in 38 years to join the Court without first serving as a judge. Just like her boss she has been around the job only a little more than a year. She has been the Obama administration’s top Supreme Court lawyer; Kagan has argued six cases before these justices. The quick bio says she is a brilliant legal scholar with liberal views and conservative friends. We always get nervous when a position is filled by someone who helps a figurehead job like dean of the Harvard Law School. If confirmed Kagan will be the first woman to serve as solicitor general, and only the fourth to serve on the Supreme Court. This would be historic as it would be the first time in history there would be three sitting female justices. She has done some work on the Supreme Court as a law clerk for Thurgood Marshall toward the end of his time on the court. The bulk of her career is in academia and as a lawyer and domestic policy adviser in the Clinton White House. She really only faces three hurdles lack of judicial experience, her decision as dean of the Harvard Law School to ban military recruiters from campus, and her ability to rule objectively on cases involving the Obama administration. Remember she only received seven GOP votes for the Solicitor General Job and there were 31 against in total. The knock on her back then was she ducked numerous questions. If she is going to be on the court for the next term in October, they need to confirm her before the Labor Day break.

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