Republican Hard Ball, Pornography for all

You know it is election year when every move is calculated. There was a great chess match when House Republicans unhinged the $80 billion technology bill after forcing a vote. They backed the Democrats into a corner that would have left them exposed to claiming they support pornography. The Democrats had to pull the bill as a GOP measure would put them on record as either supporting the firing of government workers who view or download pornography, or voting that you could look at pornography at work. The original bill would have approved some $85 billion over five years to double funding for basic research at the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy’s Office of Science, extend grants and loan guarantees to small businesses working with emerging technologies, and promote science and math education in schools. Democrats hope to bring the bill back to the floor next week, but there was no indication of how Democrats would deal with the pornography issue. The bill is H.R. 5116. This was the second time this week Republicans set up a vote the democrats cannot make. The Cash for Caulkers bill was derailed by attaching a provision barring building contractors from hiring child molesters. This has democrats crying foul how quickly they forget what the whole country watched as they pushed healthcare through without reading the bill and making everyone just follow like sheep.

Days until Robin Hood Debut Tomorrow
Shrek Forever After Debut 8 Days
Days Until Summer 39days
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Debut 50 Days
Days Until 2010 Elections 175 days
Days until a New President 986 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 476

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