State Rep Nikki Haley in S.C.

We continue looking around the nation where the GOP can start biting away at the lock on government. This includes congress and governor races. Today we are looking at South Carolina and the governors race as it is a given the once highly praised now disgraced South Governor Mark Sanford must go. Sarah Palin made an in-person endorsement for State Representative Nikki Haley for the record she was also endorsed by the hugely popular former first lady Jenny Sanford who moved out of the governor’s mansion. Haley has some backing from tea party activists but also faces three better-known more funded opponents in the upcoming June 8 GOP primary. Make on mistake any candidate including Attorney General Henry McMaster, U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett and Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer are going to tough to beat. South Carolina even in the face of the republican GOP collapse in the last election stayed red. South Carolina has never had a female governor and just once elected a female lieutenant governor. We need to make sure the GOP candidates do not spend too much time whacking each other and remember the goal is to beat democrats. We are hoping this winner takes it all approach might be tamed down for the greater good.

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