Big Apple Today Show Concerts

If you ever find yourself in the big apple on a day when the Today Show is having a concert out on Rockefeller Center it is a great take. Here are a couple things you should know to make the three-song concert worthwhile. If you want to get close to the band you should register with the today show as they have passes, you can win for all the artists. If you do not have passes, you should plan on getting out there around 6am or earlier. The plaza is where they play the show. The place fills up pretty fast. When you approach Rockefeller Plaza the NBC studios are on the corner of fifth and 49th street. The band plays right in front of the Dean & DeLuca coffee shop. You can get a coffee while the band is playing and watch the band playing. You cannot get any closer with out a pass. The problem is you cannot hear the music from inside the coffee shop. The best vantage point is to work your way to 48th street and walk toward the band hand on. You can get a place to stand on 49th street as it is behind the band and there are always places to stand. There is no view and the music sounds muffled. Your best bet is get out there by 5AM and approach from 48th street.

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