V Season Finale

We are not sure where to go with V. It did keep out interest even though it was only 12 shows in all. It was on four weeks in November then it disappeared for close to four months before it returned. There can be full disclosure we never watched the 1983 version. What is amazing about the show that might be the reason we are watching is after a full season there are so many questions unanswered. It had a finale and does return for season two. The finale had some cliffhangers but the overall path of the show is as cloud as the pilot episode. The obvious questions are what do they want? Also if the infiltrated the earth already why are there only a couple of boots on the ground? At the same time, where is all the supposed fifth column? Would not Anna have felt her army being executed? We believe that Tyler is coveted because he is alien span that is why the mother and father bone marrow did not match. Now that Chad Decker is aware, what will he do? Renegade priest Father Jack Landry is all in but at what cost. Will Ryan give them all away? Are they really lizard-like? It feels like the reason we do not know is because each answer will make the show seem all to silly for anyone to keep watching.


Days Until Summer 29 days
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Debut 40 Days
Days Until 2010 Elections 165 days
Days until a New President 976 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 486



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