Hormel Chili and Dinty Moore 80 years strong

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We wanted to cue you in on product that has been part of America for a long time. That company is hormel. They have been creating ad campaigns that have been part of the American landscape for years. They started back in the 1930s, the characters back then where Jiggs and Maggie for the original Dinty Moore®. The first commercial we ever remember was the manly lumber jack character used to say First name is Dinty, and the last name is Moore. When we were kids my brother and I would come in from playing in the snow and Dinty Moore was for lunch. She would put the can between my brother and I and we would spin it around and around during lunch. We have watched over the years as the ads have changed and the product line grew as they added things like Hormel® chili. We remember watching Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Fran Tarkenton with his offensive line doing some ads. The bottom line on why these products have been around 80 years is not the ad campaigns it is what is in the can. They have changed with times and added to the originals. The new, premium Hormel® Chili Master™ varieties such as white chicken chili and roasted tomato, and from Dinty Moore® cans to new Dinty Moore® HeartyMeals™ varieties such as chicken pot pie and noodles and beef, the brands continue to expand their product offerings while remaining family favorites in cabinets across the country. Go to the website and check out the journey through each brand’s history and relive those unique stories through video footage, radio spots, images and recipes.

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