Next Governor for New Mexico is a Woman

The primary season has been quite telling but as a New Mexico goes, it is all about the ladies. Prosecutor Susana Martinez has won the Republican nomination for New Mexico governor. She will run in the general election on November Second against Democrat Diane Denish. No matter who wins, this will be New Mexico’s first female governor. If you also are a junkie like us, if you are reading this you probably are this is only the third woman-against-woman gubernatorial general election match-up in United States history. The background on where Susana Martinez record of accomplishment, she is a lawyer and served as a Dona Ana County district attorney. She won a five-way contest for the GOP nomination on Tuesday night with 51 percent of the vote. The next closet was the former state GOP chairman Allen Weh who had 29 percent. This is nice as we see the end of the Governor Bill Richardson era in New Mexico. We watched as Governor Bill Richardson withdrew his presidential cabinet nomination and then waited around for a federal grand jury to find any wrongdoing involving two of his top aides. The pay-to-play deal allegation involved political contributions and state contracts they were what did him in on the job as President Obama’s secretary of commerce. He is not running because of term limits, as he was never charged by the federal grand jury. We hope for a goo fall for Susana Martinez in New Mexico.

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