Finale – Nurse Jackie

“My name is Jackie and I am Drug Addict – Blow Me”. This was the last line spoken in the finale of Season 2 of Nurse Jackie. We all had seen it coming on as her worlds, were all starting to collide. The start was the affair with Eddie, his friendship with her husband, but once she had the three bags of Oxy she did not need him anymore. He was small collateral damage compared to the other people she was manipulating. The biggest axe to grind due to loss of money is the man she stole the three bags of Oxy off. The next had to be Doctor O’Hara as she went around her husbands back to take money to pay for pharmacy bills. The devious way she used another person x-ray to get a prescription and then forging the number from one refill to ten. The biggest person she has betrayed and hurt is her husband, she cheated on him with Eddie for drugs, she took the money from Doctor O’Hara, and she is high all the time. She is still a good nurse and on top of everything going on her around in the ER. This season we watched as we thought her whole world was going to collapse. She can no longer function without being high. She could not even sit on a couch in a bed and breakfast with nothing to do but be with her family, because she had no pills. The final confrontation scene where Doctor O’Hara and Kevin confront her was anti climatic in the since she blew them off in typically Jackie fashion and left the room to hide in the bathroom. She saw herself on the beach where the season started except this time all alone. You feel that she is going to realize she needs help, she is a fighter and confrontational manipulator so she pushes back that feeling and laughs, then fade to black.


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