Finale – Glee

The Glee finale was not disappointing at all. We never expected them to win at regionals as a first year show you never win it all that what season two is for, case in point Friday night Lights. All that being the Journey mashup performed by the New Directions group included Faithfully, Any Way You Want It, Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin, Don’t Stop Believin’. This medley was not only good theatre, great to watch, have to admit may even want to download from iTunes. The truth is once New Directions headed of the stage the show took a plunge into a melancholy, touchy feely place that was more like the last day of high school then a season finale. The tears jerking moments started to mount up which brought the highs of the competition performance to a distant memory. As far as moving forward, we watched Will told Emma he loved her and Finn told Rachael. Rachael’s mother adopted Quinn’s baby and named her Beth. The relationship that seems lost and not moving anywhere is between Puck and Quinn. The Glee club gets another year based on Sue wanting to continue to harass and beat Will. It was also revealed that Sue voted New Directions first at regionals and it was Olivia Newton John and Rod Remington that did them in. Josh Groban like Rachael but the voting seemed to turn when it was argued that Sue was not a celebrity and did not deserve to have a vote. The season closed with Puck on guitar and Will on the ukulele singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. The best part of this show is the singing numbers and the theme shows like Madonna and Lady Gaga. The dialog is snappy at times and Sue is good for a couple great quotes every show. Overall it was worth watching and as a far as scripted TV with out police or lawyers it is a nice change of pace.


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