Finale – United States of Tara

There will never be a fairy tale ending, never be a happy conclusion, there is just disappointment. We have watched two seasons of United States of Tara and the only constant is no one is ever walking away happy. This always revolves around Tara but it encompasses everyone in the show. The finale saw Charmaine and Nick wedding fall apart. We see Kate cannot bring herself to be happy with Zach. Marshall and Lionel might be happy but both seemed confused on what they need. Neil was happy Charmaine wedding is called off but he knows deep down inside he is never going to be with her. The only happy we can see is piece by piece each week Tara seems to be getting closer to unraveling her past. It appears there are people that do know the truth, keeping it from her, or they have chosen not to remember. The season closed with the Gregsons dancing around their backyard together. The wedding was a disaster and the fall out was everywhere? We see this as them circling the wagons and this existence might be the only true freedom they find as each of them tries to find happiness elsewhere. These twelve episodes did bring some highlights: Buck’s lesbian affair with Pammy, Marshall trying to go straight with Courtney that leads him to Lionel, Shoshana a new alter is Tara’s therapist and Kate taking on the persona of Valhalla Hawkwind. These all come to head in the Tornado episode. We thought the second half was going to bring some happiness to Charmaine, Marshall, Kate and some closure for Tara, none of the above was given. The highlight of the season was after a fade to black; Tara alters to Buck and coldcocks Max a couple of times for sleeping with Pammy.


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