Media painting a have-have not for Cali governor

Leave to the lame stream media to so miss the mark this year. We just hope the sheepoeple will not follow the lead. They are painting Meg Whitman as all that is wrong with America rich person. She rides in chartered jet, mentored by Mitt Romney pays her chief campaign consultant $90,000-a-month. While praising the other side he flies Southwest, was mentored by Mother Teresa, and chief campaign consultant worked for free most of last year. This strategy may have worked in years passed painting Whitman as a rich person, who does not understand the needs of the little people. She is only going to create breaks for her rich friends while the middle and poor class suffer. The problem with that this years is political insiders and hacks are getting cut off at the knees. Step up to the plate Jerry Brown he is a insider to the tenth degree. He has never had a private sector job. He has never earned a profit as any work has done is for non-profits. He has been a life long politician and in a state where they have some to realize it is broken because of the bad choices of former leaders. It maybe out of the political playbook 101 to attack that a rich candidate cannot be best for the poor and middle class, but we think this year it will fall on deaf ears. The current governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, campaigned as an outsider with business savvy, yet he has failed to deliver the budget and tax reforms he promised. We think the board room experience and tough decisions a CEO needs to make has her way more qualified than a 72-year-old, four decade lifetime politician without fresh ideas who will serve the interests of organized labor and other entrenched interests in Sacramento. Labor and pension contracts are the reason California is on the verge of bankruptcy to begin with. California is tricky as there is no doubt three of the last four governors has been Republican and someone always has to pay when it goes wrong. The strategy may work this time but we think saying that a person should not win an office because they have no experience is going to be no longer viable as those with experience only make things worse.

Days Until Toy Story 3 Opens 5 days
Days Until Summer 7 days
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Debut 17 Days
I Love you Philip Morris Opens in 47 days
Days Until 2010 Elections 143 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 164 days
Days until a New President 956 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 508

National Debt 6/10/2010      13,041,405,343,973.44
National Debt 6/10/2000        5,645,113,216,631.00
National Debt 1/8/1835                                           0.00

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