National Intelligence Director Delay

There will be a stall on a Senate vote for the President Barack Obama choice for national intelligence director and probably not happen until the fall. The problem is the retired Air Force general James R. Clapper, might be too close to the Pentagon. We cannot blame President Obama here ass this one is all on congress as it is another blow to the post-Sept. 11 goal of improving coordination of intelligence among the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies. We are big fane of the appointment as Clapper would be working with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who brought Clapper to the Pentagon. Both of these men served and were appointed under the President George W. Bush administration. This new position will need to over see to the foreign language proficiency across all the spy agencies. The position would also conduct personnel assessments across the intelligence community, to see if each agency had the manpower it needed for the job at hand. The biggest road block is the Democratic chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein. She has been outspoken about making sure this role has no jurisdiction of the Department of Defense. Feinstein says her first priority is passing the intelligence authorization act.

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