Alaska Republican Joe Miller Drinking the Tea

You have to admit as much as it must pain the left and lame stream media. The Teas party is not going away and they seem to be more in touch with the people than either branch from the left. The Tea Party throwing more of it weight around touched down in Alaska and saddled up with Alaska Republican Joe Miller. The best thing about the Tea Party is they are not afraid of a fight and believe their message like their candidates has a chance. The lame streamers are calling this one a long shot candidate a boost in his primary challenge to U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. We are not sure who to endorse in this one but the move to unseat every incumbent means we can certainly give a look to Joe Miller. Senator Murkowski is well-known, and a better-financed incumbent so the battle for Joe Miller is uphill all the way up to the August primary. We are seeing all across the country and most recently Nevada that the Tea Party might no only back a candidate but can get some steam rolling behind them. Sharon Angle road the Tea Party bus to victory in the primary and is facing Harry Reid in the fall. The first Rasmussen poll has her out to an 11-point lead, 50%-39%. This is the same thing in South Carolina where State Representative Nikki Haley is picking up 55% of the vote over Democratic State Senator Vincent Sheheen, who earns 34%. She does need to get over a June 22 run off to get to the fall election.

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