Better diggs for illegal immigrants

In a case of political correctness run amuck immigration officials are trying to reshape the entire 30,000-bed detention system for illegal immigrants. The place where would be asylum-seekers and immigrants stay when awaiting deportation proceedings is about to get a facelift and become more illegal friendly. The new lax rules will allow illegal immigrants inside the facilities to wear their own clothes, participate in movie and bingo nights, eat continental breakfasts and celebrate holidays with visiting family members. The idea is to end the confinement in prison-like facilities. They are forced to endure jail like surroundings complete with razor wire, jail-style uniforms, armed guards and partitions that prevent physical contact with loved ones. The company Corrections Corporation of America, the largest contractor for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has reached a preliminary agreement to soften confinement, free of charge, at nine immigrant facilities covering more than 7,100 beds. This new softer, gentler was to treat illegal aliens as they await deportation hearings will be less prison-like, offering freer movement for detainees, fewer pat downs and better access to legal resources. The agreement also calls for fresh vegetables and access to self-serve beverages along with cooking and exercise classes your tax money will also pay to freshen up the place with hanging plants, flower baskets, new paint colors, different bedding and furniture. It is good to know that these illegal aliens will now be allowed lengthy visits from friends and family who can provide outside packages or food for special celebrations. These changes are to be made over the next six months. Good Grief.

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