Disney PhotoPass

The Disney PhotoPass is another item that costs a lot up front and you have no idea if you will use it. You will kick yourself if you do not buy it. The Photopass is a card you swipe anytime a photographer is at the park. They take character photos (pictures with Mickey Mouse), as well as scenic photos (in front of Magic Kingdom Castle). Disney will send you an email making you an offer of $99 before you leave. We did not accept because we already spent a small fortune to go on the vacation. When we started using the card you realize they have all the best spots staked out, we used the card 150 times. You view the pictures online and they document your time there better than your own photos. When new returned the pictures stay on the website for 30 days. If we wanted to buy the DVD of the Photos after the trip, it cost us $159.00. The choice to buy the DVD or not was one we tossed around but in the end it was a moment in time and we decided to spend the money. Next time we will pay the money up front as the choice to watch those photos disappear into the vapor seemed too much to take.


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