It is making jobs, Mr President, not paying for not working

The President who told a graduating class not to blame others and take responsibility, proves again do what I say not what I do. President Barack Obama on Saturday blamed the Republicans for making life harder for the unemployed by the rejection of a bill in the Senate that would have provided more money for the long-term unemployed, aid for strapped state governments and the renewal of popular tax breaks for businesses and individuals. The proble3m is the answer is not giving out more government money it to create new jobs. This of course stops and starts right at the President’s desk. This president loves to blame others and has never taken account that he has been President now for 516 days and at some point everything is his problem. President Truman understood this because he said the buck stops here. Going back to the failed bill for a moment there are only 41 Republican senators the bill failed in a 56-40 vote, the math alone says he cannot even democrats on board. That does not stop the President Obama blame machine from deflecting the fact that his party was not on board. We do not care about this bill the problem is not paying out more out of work benefits, it is creating jobs. There is only one person to blame for unemployment staying around 10% the president does not have a plan to get American back to work, paying taxes into the system, to help government have more money, workers paying into social security, less people needing unemployment benefits, and making American self supportive.

Days Until Summer Tomorrow
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Debut 12 Days
I Love you Philip Morris Opens in 40 days
Dallas Cowboys First Pre Season Game 49 days
Days Until 2010 Elections 135 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 156 days
Days until a New President 948 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 516

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