The co2 Reducing Vacheval

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You have got to check out the latest clip from the folks over at Stella Artois. This one is shot in 1963, and is previously unseen report footage from Belgique Television. You will be amazed as you watch the creation of a strange animal called a Vacheval. This will help the environment as a new form of transportation the animal is reared on a farm just outside Leuven in Belgium. The idea is to cross a cow and a horse. Alain du Monde, an eco extraordinaire who worked for Belgique Television at that time, recalls the Vacheval; “The Vacheval were magnifique, they were not only eco but they were chic too, those behind the Vacheval were clearly visionary in recognizing the future environmental issues facing man-kind” he says. No one knows whether they actually exist today. There are rumors they all now live on a special retreat in the Alps, whilst some say they fled Europe in search of work. With little records of their existence, who knows what actually happened to the Vacheval? The video is awesome as you see these animals in grooming and training. Then you watch them actually make deliveries. If we had to pick one it was the delivery to the mountains but enough we have watched it a few times and now it is your turn.

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