Supreme Court holds up 2nd amendment

The Supreme Court held up the second amendment saying that Americans have the right to own a gun for self-defense anywhere they live, advancing a recent trend by the John Roberts-led bench to embrace gun rights. The 5-4 vote, will cast doubt over the handgun ban in the Chicago. This decision did not explicitly strike down the Chicago area laws. Instead, it ordered a federal appeals court to reconsider its ruling. There is little doubt that the statutes eventually would fall. Justices John Paul Stevens, on his final day on the bench after more than 34 years, was in dissent. The NRA said they would continue to work at every level to insure that defiant city councils and cynical politicians do not transform this constitutional victory into a practical defeat through Byzantine regulations and restrictions. The only restriction that is true if you ban handguns only bad guys will have hand guns. The only way to effectively attempt gun control is by allowing fewer guns into the market place. There also needs to be a stronger destruction of existing weapons in lockup and out on the streets. These programs cost money and they will not get the guns away from the bad guys. The freedom this country allows is not without flaw and this problem is going to around as long as the second amendment is upheld. Thankfully, for now this is still the case, as the bill of rights needs to be in place as it is the foundation for which the USA stands.

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