Kagan vote will be party line

It should not come as a surprise that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is drawing opposition from Republican leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. The Democrats hold a 59-41 majority in the Senate, and Kagan’s confirmation is a lock, although much like with healthcare the Republicans could to try and prevent a final vote. The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the appointment on July 13. The biggest problem beside the obvious lack of experience is more than likely this will be a rubberstamp for the Obama administration or any other democrat administration. We believe she was the wrong choice because she does not have legal experience or a judicial philosophy. When this senate approved Justice Sonia Sotomayor, was approved last year on a vote of 68-31. All of the votes in opposition were cast by Republicans. The problem is beside have no record to run on she did not give any red meat on how she would vote on the difficult cases, when and if she is a justice. She did have some statements that were not very Supreme Court Justice like which included it is difficult to take off the advocate’s hat and put on the judge’s hat a red flag that is something that needs to be watched. This should be closest vote since Justice Samuel Alito was approved 58-42, that year there were only four Democrats in favor, the other 42 against.

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