Entourage Returns for Season 7

To say the last three seasons of Entourage have been lame is an under statement. It seems like ever since Vincent Chase returned to Hollywood leading man status thanks to Martin Scorsese for a lead and the Great Gatsby lead. This made season six the worst ever. The story has evolved as we follow the other characters as spending your life, as part of an entourage is not good for anyone in the end. It is confirmed we are winding down with a full season now and six-episode season in 2011 that will be the end of the series. The first show of the season is a sign of what it to come. Chase was called out for not doing his own states like other Hollywood heavyweights and you can see he felt the pressure of wanting to take his career to that next level. His brother on the other hand is coming to realization that he has been played for a fool. We are sure Eric, his fiancé will be present in some form, and Turtle turned a couple of classes at college into a thriving business in less than 10 shows. The finale for this season is going to have Christina Aguilera performing and this will probably be at the wedding just a guess, not a spoiler alert.




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