President Obama backs another loser

You know that Republican Sharron Angle must have them really worried now. The biggest gun the democrats have is President Barack Obama and he went on the attack against Republican Sharron Angle. In a rally for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid the President of the United States said that Republican Sharron Angle views are too extreme and ridiculing her comments on the BP oil spill. We know they are scared of her because President Obama never mentioned Sharron Angle by name or the Tea Party express train she drove in on. The campaign rally Thursday night was at a Las Vegas casino the place were President Obama said Americans should not go. Amazing that Republican Sharron Angle has been forced to take back a comment that we all know is the problem with Washington. If you have not heard, she referred to the $20 billion victims’ compensation fund for the Gulf oil spill as a slush fund. Is this really so hard to believe since we gave this president 787 billion for a stimulus that he has only used half. The other half we are going to see rolled out of the August and September brought home to you by your Democratic representatives to save schools, police, fireman and jump start local economies. This of course will be in time to run on that for the election in November. There we go getting all mean spirited again. The problem is that is not working anymore as bringing home pork will not get you elected and based on his track record having President Obama fly in to your campaign rallies has meant you lose as well.

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