Sharron Angle plays hardball

We might be over obsessed with the race in Nevada but we so want Majority Leader Harry Reid to go down. So any time we hear that U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle on denounce Majority Leader Harry Reid as a “desperate man” who was distorting her conservative record while ignoring a state that leads the nation in joblessness, foreclosures and bankruptcies. We have to not only mention it but applaud. They are really scared they brought in President Barack Obama for two fund raisers and a rally. To her credit Angle stood firm and fought back with some truth of her own. She accused the president and Reid of pushing billions of dollars in stimulus spending while Nevada struggles with an economy that is a disaster. We love the message as U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is calling for the repeal of the health care overhaul, lower taxes and disbanding federal agencies, including the Education Department that she said had responsibilities that can be handled at the state level. She is quoted as saying “I hold him personally responsible for what is happening in our nation,” and “Why would you believe anything he puts on television, this man has been waterboarding our economy.” The 527 Patriot Majority, have begin to run attack ads as well that are funded largely by labor unions. We have seen nation wide Majority Leader Harry Reid have a 53%-25% unfavorable/ favorable rating. The last poll we had seen June 24, 2010 had U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle 48%, and old man Reid at 41% 

I Love you Philip Morris Opens in 20 days
Dallas Cowboys First Pre Season Game 29 days
Days BP has been spilling oil into gulf 82
Days Until 2010 Elections 115 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 136 days
Days until a New President 928 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 535

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