Activist Academy Social Networking

We wanted to let you know about a website that is the next generation in empowering people. This is a new social networking and training website for community activists. This is next level up from both FaceBook and Twitter where message can get lost. Activist Academy has a target market of primarily college students, but generally the real target of the site is to all grassroots activists. The problem with using Facebook and Twitter for grassroots activism is there are times when there is way too much chatter and not enough substance. When you think of grassroots actually blending with electronic communication technologies, e-mail, the web pages, and even podcasts the possibilities are endless. The new form of activism will enable faster communications by citizen movements and the delivery of local information to a large audience. This is a game changer for things like fundraising, community building, lobbying, and or course organizing. When we have talked about Activism in the past it consists of intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change. One man can stand up on a soap box on a busy street with a bullhorn. They can yell their message to passerby and hope to enlighten and maybe even recruit new followers. When that same person uses the Activist Academy when they find a follower they will tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends and pretty soon it is a movement. Thanks to meeting place being on line the discussion and events are viewed by all the topic is open to debate, the platform can shift with the members the possibilities are endless. This is still one person on a street corner looking to change a wrong, except this time the street corner is an IP address and the because of the Internet everyone can stop by.

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