The Sudan, President Obama and hollow threats

This President is by far the weakest on foreign relations we have had in years, maybe my lifetime. President Obama wants to be everyone friend so he has trouble standing for anyone. We remember when he said unequivocally that Sudan must do more to fight terror and improve human rights. If they did, they would be rewarded. If not, it would be punished that was in October. So now, nine months later and the Sudan is worse. Where has the punishment for wrongdoing been, nowhere but when ever President Obama lashes out he feels bad so he has done some holding out the olive branch with conciliatory gestures expanded visa services for Sudanese citizens and they even sent a low-level representative to President Omar al-Bashir’s inauguration. On Monday President Omar al-Bashir, was charged in an International Court with genocide, last year it was war crime charges. The International Court says Militias backed by his government are accused of slaughtering civilians in the Darfur region in a conflict that has killed an estimated 300,000 people. If you listen to the White House, they claim there have been signs of progress in Sudan despite a recent rise in violence in Darfur and a crackdown on opposition by the government. The administration needed to be out in front of the court so in an issued statement on Friday, together with Norway and the United Kingdom, they criticizing Sudan for worsening human rights violations throughout the country and for breaking cease-fires in Darfur, noting its use of aerial bombardment and the deployment of local militias. This President maybe able to play both sides of the fence in Washington as he pushes his socialist reforms through but the rest of the world will not look favorable on wishy-washy stances on relations. This is compounded when injustice and genocide are the result.

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