Soviet dictator Stalin bust in Virginia

You sometimes have to wonder at what cost is making everything so cut and dry. You cannot please everyone and if there is a little wiggle room it should be used. This is the case of the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia. They have decided that a memorial bust of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin was needed next to the busts of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Western Allied leaders in World War II. The climatic D-Day battle on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944 was an epic allied invasion. Stalin, who only teamed up with the West after Hitler betrayed him, didn’t send one Russian soldier to that battle, this is all they really need to say. It is embarrassing to prop up Stalin in the United States his murderous rule led to the deaths of at least 20 million people. We have watched and applauded as Statues of Stalin have been torn down all over Europe, this has even happened in the Soviet Union. The foundation justification is Stalin is a part of the war’s history, and his actions should be remembered. They believe the foundation has a responsibility to serve as a catalyst for serious discourse regarding key historical figures and their actions as they relate to the D-Day story and World War II. Sometimes omissions to history are meant more for punishment instead of praise, this should have been one of those situations.

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