SupaSwap – Trading on a new level

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SupaSwap Corporation. All opinions are 100% mine.We wanted to let you know about a great new idea on the internet called Supaswap. If you have not heard of it you might want to think if it like eBay but it is geared more for parents and their children. One of the best selling points of the new Supaswap system, which we believe will make you want to check out the listings everyday. They have the added feature of allowing its members to swap items. We are impressed with the ease of using the system as anything geared to both parents and children needs to be easy to use. They have a good system for checking in all of the users, as a child has to be registered by a parent. When a parent sets up an account for their child, there are whole hosts of strict parental controls that can be turned on. There are also no chat rooms on SupaSwap so as a parent you can view and moderate email messages that pass between their child and any other child during the process of buying, bidding, selling or swapping. There are no monthly fees to be a member. When we were kids we would trade and swap all the time this happened at school or the playground. When you think about using SupaSawp kids today are able to trade with anyone, anywhere using the internet.

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