Cut the Pork please

The time honored position for a senator is to bring home money. The House can set it up and sign the check but the pull of a senator is how the money funnels down. This was always a campaign highlight but no longer. The voter anger over the $13 trillion national debt has set this notion upside down. Tea partiers and fiscal conservatives have pushed to oust lawmakers using the tax system like a credit card for federal spending that will bankrupt future generations. We saw this over the weekend in Washington State. Democratic Senator Patty Murray, had been called the queen of pork has used that mantle to comfortably win re-election twice, might be out in the cold. Republican Dino Rossi, GOP candidate is running loud and clear on this message as the Aug. 17 top two primary approaches. There is on other GOP hopeful Clint Didier, who has the backing of the tea party activists and Sarah Palin. Murray, 59, who is fourth in the Democratic leadership, moving up due to the deaths of Kennedy and Byrd. She is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and chairwoman of its transportation subcommittee, Murray has steered millions of dollars to Washington State for military projects, roads, veterans facilities and other projects. Republicans need a gain of 10 seats to capture the Senate majority, a possibility if they can win seats in Democratic-leaning states like Washington and California. The money has Murray at around $6.8 million in campaign cash and Rossi with $1.3 million. We are not sure if this can be done in the end, victory will not come easy. The good news is Washington is hearing the message spending for the sake of spending is wrong.

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