Another reason National Care will fail

We do not want to pile on a bad situation but one has to wonder as the estimates of the number of graves at Arlington National Cemetery that might be affected by mix-ups grew from hundreds to as many as 6,600. Is this not going to be the same problems we fear with national healthcare? The cemetery’s former superintendent blamed his staff and a lack of resources which is exactly the mess we are expecting for national healthcare. John Metzler, seems like a stand up guy as he ran the military burial ground for 19 years, and has accepted full responsibility for the problems. Army investigators have a conclusion and Metzler disagreed saying it was turnover of cemetery employees and the poor technology that they were using for tracking. This is the same fate we expect as when national healthcare is being run by a government agency that has no idea how to administrate these two dynamics will collide. The remains that may have been misidentified or misplaced because the system used to track grave sites was relying on mostly a complicated paper trail which was vulnerable to errors. Let us hope the government can handle healthcare with more technology including checks and balances. How silly does that sentence sound based on the story we reference.

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