Who needs search engine optimisation?

The short answer is everyone needs search engine optimisation. The idea that some techniques are more effective than others might be true. The bottom line is the result, usually this comes down to which search engine optimisation company you choose, and how they stack up against each other. There are common search engine optimisation techniques that most companies employ which include submission to directory sites, posts on forums or blogs, article writing and submission to article directories, social bookmarking, and building links from, on-theme websites. The idea is to use your search engine optimisation to building your page authority so your web pages appear in the top five for searches relating to the page content. If your website is any lower than that the chances of a getting a click through drop considerably. There is a trend by the major search engines to frown upon obvious keyword stuffing, however when used in moderation in a natural way, the page will usually perform better. If you are webmaster then you should acquire professional help and guidance if you are serious and want better performance.


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