Get out the vote

It is Thursday night let us try to get out the vote. Here are some great candidates we need to support in the upcoming election on November 2, 2010. The conservatives have got to take back the House. It would be great if they could also capture back the Senate. The truth is everything is up for grabs and it could go either way. The way incumbents are going down it is any ones guess right now. Never forget the Stimulus Bill passed in the dark of night, Bailouts for Wall Street, Banks and GM, Healthcare passed after weeks of backroom deals. There have been two terrible Supreme Court Justice Confirmations, and the Attorney General handing rights down to the state of Arizona. We all can say if this is the change the democrats hoped for, they must be crazy.

Senator Republican Rep. John Boozman Vs. Democrat Blanche Lincoln  @boozman4AR

Governor Republican Meg Whitman vs. Democrat Jerry Brown

Senator Republican Carly Fiorina vs. Democrat Barbara Boxer  @CarlyforCA

Senator Republican Sharron Angle vs. Democrat Harry Reid,  @

North Carolina
Republican Richard Burr vs. Democrat Elaine Marshall   @burrforsenate


Republican Bill Marcy vs. Democratic Bennie Thompson.


Senate Republican Christine O’Donnell vs. Democratic Mike Castle

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