Logan Airport is Old and outdated

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is a really old airport and it looks it. Opened on 1923 for the National Guard, he first commercial passenger flights was in 1927. The statistics say it is one of the 20 busiest airports in the US and the 12th busiest airport in the US based on international traffic. It handles over 26 million passengers a year and in 2005, it handled 3,902,000 international passengers. The layout is horrible, the runways stack up planes waiting to take off. The concourse is limited compared to other major airports. Transpiration to the airport is inconvenient as well as expensive. The subway and bus routes will get you to the airport but very confusing if you are out town. The terminals are not connected; the overflow parking is miles away. The overnight parking is expensive and you need to take a bus from the lot to your terminal. There are no rentals cars facilities on site as you will need ground transportation to get to your rent a car. The city is dirty and if you arrive in the winter it is cold and the snow is an exhaust colored brown. There are two other choices of airports for Boston area. TF Green in Rhode Island is about and one hour away from the south. To the north The Manchester Airport is the newest of the three in New England and the best of the three options. If you can avoid Logan Airport it will serve you best to stay away.

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