Game on in Connecticut

Maybe we should have gone with match on. Now that former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, the newly nominated Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut is set to run against Democrat Richard Blumenthal she is ready to fight. Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon appeared on a network news program ABC’s “Good Morning America, saying she is willing to spend whatever it takes to win. McMahon has made millions with her involvement with World Wrestling Entertainment. She threw the number that must have made democrats choke; she plans to spend up to $50 million of her own money in the fall. Even in highbrow Connecticut that is a lot of personal coin to drop on a senate race, we wonder if Democrat Richard Blumenthal has come out of shock when he heard the news. She told ABC that it’s money I’ve earned. It’s money I’m willing to invest. This is going to be a good one as we move toward November second. Richard Blumenthal is not in the same league as the lawyer has been the Attorney General of Connecticut since 1991. The good news is current senator in the seat Christopher Dodd will not have a job. There is one person who you would love to see on the unemployment line, the problem is he has healthcare for life and collects a pension the day after Linda McMahon is sworn in.

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