Storyland 2010

We did the annual trip to Storyland in Glen New Hampshire. There is not much to report in the way of changes except the cost increased. A day of fun is now $27 up from last years $25. They still have the deal where if you go to the park after 3pm and buy a full admission you can come back the next day free. The park is open until 6pm every night so we decided to go on a Thursday and Friday. The cost of the food is expensive and not greatest. The children are getting older and we are not sure how long this will still be a fun time. They were usually the tallest children waiting in line for rides. They do have a few rides for bigger kids but once your child is nine or ten we do not think this place will seems as much fun and more lame. There is probably a lot better use of $108 for a family of four if your kids are older. If you have toddlers, the place is great as there is plenty to do and even though it seems crowded, you never have to wait long for anything. There is live entertainment at the park and this year an unnamed girl singer was extremely impressive. These kids sing all day as they move from venue to venue-changing characters. We had a fun couple of days at the park and spent money on food, gift shop, photos, as the couple of days with hotel cost use around $400.


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