President Obama stays true to past

Here is a shocking revelation and another chance to be called a birther. The Obama administration has come out opposed to something the country is mostly in favor of. The administration says it is wrong to try to change the constitutional amendment that grants automatic citizenship to babies born in the United States. This is not shocking as the president himself would not be president without this amendment. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says she is surprised that Republican congressional leaders are joining a push to reconsider the 14th Amendment instead of working with Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform. Here is a new flash it is called doing what the people are asking for as we out here are fed up giving a free ride while hard working American citizens are unemployed or paying for more undocumented citizens. It was a triple header when White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says President Barack Obama agrees with Napolitano. We would like to also declare that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has said he supports holding hearings to reconsider the citizenship rights of the illegal immigrant’s babies born in the U.S. We know this is election season hyperbolae but is it any clearer that the leadership in Washington is so out of touch.

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