Walking Manhattan Food Tours

When you are in New York you have to check out the walking tours New York. Specifically you need to try the Walking food tours in Manhattan. They are lead by a native New Yorker and cannot feel more genuine. You will taste the best local foods and desserts from authentic restaurants and shops. When you are lead around the city by a native New Yorker you will also get the must-see neighborhood sightseeing without missing a thing. We go the city at least twice a year and this is on the to do list for the trip we are taking later this fall. The idea of having a real New York bagels and a pizza in Greenwich Village is very appealing. We have tried the local hot dog carts on the Lower East Side and would love to know what a professional guide can tell us about them. The best part of the tour sounds like the Italian cold cuts and cheese and cannoli in Little Italy as we have never been to that part of the city. They will also take you to get authentic fried pork dumplings in Chinatown. The promise along the way you will see sightseeing icons like Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side and Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in SoHo. Great idea because you eat, walk it off and eat some more, can not wait.


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