This car drove up Mount Washington

We took the family truckster on the drive of its life. The transmission will never be the same. We drove up to the top of Mount Washington by car. We used our car after it was cleared to take the trip. There are plenty of rules that make a lot of cars not able to get the green light. If you have not driven up the mountain and have been to New England it will not be long before you see a car that has. They all get a special bumper sticker saying the car climbed the mountain. We went up as a family of four and it cost us $43 we are not sure about how they arrived at the cost. You will love this trip. You feel like you are driving up to the skies and a stunning vista are around every corner as you climb. They see these views change every day and no trip up the mountain is the same. This is a 6,288-foot climb to the peak. When you get to the top bring a jacket as it does not matter the temperature on the ground. At the peak there is strong winds, fog and rapidly moving clouds. This was a great time had for all except the transmission.

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