Check out the “Pearls” of Switzerland

There are activities that are unique to Switzerland. They have a name for them as well as they are called Discover Swiss “Pearls”. When you go abroad for a vacation, you need to do something that has some kind of a wow factor involved; this makes the trip not just memorable as saying we went to Switzerland, a trip can reach that higher level when you have an activity to talk about before you say where you went. We were looking for our own pearl and we came across that visitors to the bell foundry in Berger in Bärau can now cast their own bells. That is perfect as you have something take home, then you can say we cast that bell when we were in Switzerland. Truly, this activity encompassed the Swiss experience with a lifetime memory. If you are thinking about going to Switzerland then you can find your own Pearl, many things are unique to the region. Some of our other favorites are Slaving over a hot stove with World Champion Chef, Ivo Adam, Medieval papermaking, Tales of the River Inn, and you can even explore Geneva by boat but check it out for yourself as you will see all the unique gems of visiting Switzerland.

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