West Virginia sides are set

The race in West Virginia to fill the Senate seat vacated by the late Robert C. Byrd is taking shape. Governor Joe Manchin won the Democratic nomination and will face GOP primary winner John Raese. Byrd was elected to a record ninth term in 2006 the state Legislature decided on a primary date about two weeks later and gave candidates just four days to register and about a month to campaign. We can expect that Manchin’s support will be from coal and utility industries as they provided more than a quarter of the $1.2 million he has raised. We think this is a election that can be taken as if you remember President Obama lost West Virginia in 2008. Republican nominee John McCain won handily with 56 percent of the vote. John Raese, was the last person to lose to Byrd in 2006. Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson is also vying for the seat in November. This is a classic case of hard working union members supporting the party line. The battle they will raise is the rich Republican business man so we will hear the same old arguments from both sides. This is not going to be easy to beat a popular governor with union support so just because he has the money it is an up hill climb for Raese.


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