Check in Hysteria

We love the idea of the check-in we use it in WeReward, FourSquare, and now Facebook. There was one thing they might damper the sudden rush to check-in. The idea that letting people know you are not at home. This might the case when local but when you are on vacation this might be another matter. If you are checking in from miles from your home letting hundreds of friends your not at home and will not return could be a problem. There is a certain thought that if you friend someone or take them into your circle they can be trusted with your content and secrets. The problem is most of the time when a bad deed happens it is due to inside information. We have become a nation that loves to follow the trends and you might have to wonder if letting everyone know you are not at home is a good idea. Most of the times you will find 98% of the people you meet are good people. The reason we cannot make that 100% and you must agree is the reason there is a chance this can happen. We know we often get accused of having a cup half empty attitude but when you think of letting 500 FaceBook friends and 350 FourSquare friends know we are on vacation and out of state.

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