GOP Gamble on raw power

We are watching quite the battle unfold and the repercussions could be worse than the actions. There are many Republicans that are coming out to endorse Mike Castle in Delaware. The latest is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. This primary in Delaware has seen many GOP leaders trying to block a tea party-backed candidate’s Christine O’Donnell bid to remove the nine term poll. This is the GOP still reeling from watching Senator Lisa Murkowski lose her Alaska primary to tea party-backed Joe Miller. The Tea Party Express will be rolling into Delaware to spend an expected six figures in the race for Vice President Joe Biden’s former Senate seat in Delaware. This is a slippery slope for the GOP a Tea Party candidate is better for Washington than a Democrat and the country as a whole needs balance. We are worried that the fight might be enough to weaken both candidates and lose to a democratic challenger. The end result is getting both bodies of congress out of democratic majority and this should be a win at all cost mentality. This opinion does not care GOP or Tea Party but we do endorse change, term limits, and new blood. We of course want all of that to be a conservative and it does not matter what side of the Republican Party they come from. The problem is the Tea Party is being seen as a threat to GOP and there is a good chance they will go to far on this gamble and ruin all the momentum that has been building since the healthcare debate.

Day until NFL Open Night 5 days
Days Until 2010 Elections 58 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 79 days
Days Until Christmas 2010 113 days
Days until a New President 870 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 588

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