Sons of Anarchy

SOA returned to FX with a smack down. The show is brilliant if you like the grit of The Wire and the dialog of The Shield. If the first episode of season three was a book it would be a page turner. The building of rage was growing through out the show. The characters were all functioning but off. We see the doctor having trouble focusing on being a doctor, the mother needing to see her daddy, the leader needing to find the way, and the father missing the son with a rage inside. We watch as jacks pushes the doctor away because he knows everything he will ever touch will be forced to live his life. This is the theme for the first 50 minutes which comes to a head at the Prospects funeral. The doctor finds where she belongs and Jacks turns his rage outside and destroys an enemy with ruthless abandon. There are questions and his son seems to be in Ireland, the boarded up smoke house cannot be the end of the white supremacists. We are on board for the ride and it going to be hot. Sons of Anarchy as the third season begins are rising to the mantle of Rescue Me, The Shield, and The Wire.

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