Disneyland Stay on the Park or Not

There is a battle when going to Disney to stay on the park or outside. We have done both and want to speak about staying on the park. First of all if you are on the park you can use Disney transportation, it is free and check your bags, bring them to your room. They do this on departure as well. There are buses at every hotel that go to the different theme parks every few minutes as you will be able to get around the park all day and night. The hotels on the park start at $83 and you can stay outside that park for around $50. The problem is parking which $12. This can be offset because the food in the park is expensive. If you stay on the park you are allowed more time at the parks. Staying on the parks has a drawback in that it is next to impossible to leave. When trying to rent a car it can take a few hours as we thought we would rent a car and get some groceries to stock the fridge. It was next to impossible and a cab ride was just as bad. We are not saying you cannot do these things but there is a lot that goes into setting them up. There probably is a happy medium where you rent a car in Orlando airport drive out to the park check in leave, stock up on items, and then go back to the hotel. The problem then is returning the car and getting back to the hotel, if the car is less than $30 a day you could save that in avoiding having to buy lunches for the week. It really seems to be either stay on the park and payless but get killed on the food, or stay of the park and get killed on the parking.


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